Exploring Diverse Types of Bowling Shirt Styles: From Modern to Classic and Beyond


Bowling shirts have changed from being as simple as athletic wear to fashion wear and there are many designs one can find in the market. Bowling shirts have evolved from the modern and classy to the old and classic and this means that there is something for everyone. Having a diverse variety of bowling shirts custom allows customers to enjoy them according to their choice. Here’s a closer look at the variety available:

Modern Bowling Shirts

The modern bowling shirts are all about the style and the looks of the shirt today. They are usually characterized by bright colors, graphic prints, and shapes. These shirts may include the use of performance fabrics that provide the functionality of moisture management during gameplay or as casual wear. It is more formal and suits the business environment, but it is not overly formal and fits perfectly into everyday business casual wear.

Classic Bowling Shirts

The classic bowling shirts are ideal for those who like traditions and things that have not lost their popularity for decades. These shirts are normally designed with some throw-back elements like piped collars and cuffs, chest pockets with flaps, and buttoned plackets. The fabrications used may be cotton or polyester and the fit is comfortable reminiscent of the glory days of bowling. Traditionally, the shirts have logos or the names of the teams, giving the clothing a retro appeal to them.

Round Neck Bowling Shirts

Round-neck bowling shirts are casual and can be worn instead of formal button-up shirts. These shirts are generally looser fitting and are not designed with a collar like athletic wear or formal athletic wear. They are well known for their comfort and durability. And can be worn both for bowling and for other leisure activities. Round-neck bowling shirts can be found in different colors and can have simple decorations such as screen-printed graphics or embroidery.

Mandarin Collar Bowling Shirts

Modern bowling shirts with Mandarin collars are the new generation of bowling shirts. These shirts do not have the collar standing straight which makes these shirts appear slimmer and elegant. They are normally made of light fabrics like linen or satin to make them trendy. Mandarin collar bowling shirts are more appropriate for those who do not like to wear flashy clothes and are searching for modern bowling wear.

Choosing the Right Bowling Shirt

There are certain factors that one needs to take into consideration when choosing a custom bowling shirt; style, comfort, and occasion. Whether you want a contemporary look with performance attributes, a retro-style shirt with a vintage feel, or something in between, there is enough choice to guarantee that every bowler can find his or her ideal outfit. Both styles represent the best of fashion and functionality and are aimed at different people, but all of them respect the traditions of bowling clothing.


Custom bowling shirts are a delightful spectrum of styles from modern innovation to timeless classics. Regardless of whether you are going for a modern style, a retro feel, or something completely different, these shirts are made to enhance your personality and style in and out of the bowling alleys. Take some time and look at the vast variety of choices and choose the best custom bowling shirt that will fit your personality and make your bowling even more enjoyable.


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