A Comprehensive Guide to Whether You Should Sleep with Hair Extensions On


Hair extensions are mostly considered to be the greatest ally as they can add additional length, volume, and style to your hair in a matter of seconds, completely changing the way you look. On the other hand, a lot of individuals who use hair extensions probably wonder if they should wear them while in bed. In this article, we will be talking about the important aspects to look into and give you tips to help you have healthy hair and your extension last longer. Additionally, if you need any guidance on how to sleep with hair extensions, click the link.

Understanding Your Hair Extensions

It’s crucial to understand the kind of extensions you have before deciding whether or not to sleep with strands. The strengths and maintenance requirements of various hair extension attachment methods, such as tape-ins, sew-ins, clip-ins, and bonded extensions, may change from one to another.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of sleeping with hair extensions should be discussed. Though shortcutting the morning routine and keeping them in place overnight make your hair look good for a more extended period, it can also lead to snarls, breakage, and discomfort during sleep.

Consider Your Sleep Position

Your sleeping routine is a crucial factor that can be used to consider whether you should sleep with hair extensions or not. If your extensions get tangled and damaged often when you toss and turn, you are more likely to sleep in discomfort. The silk or satin pillowcase can limit the friction and the likelihood of hair breakage due to its smoothness.

Extension Maintenance

Airing out your hair extensions is the number one rule to increase their lifespan. Some hours before you go to bed, comb out your extensions to eliminate any knots and fix them in a low bun or ponytail to avoid matte hair. Do not use products with alcohol or oil near your roots as they can form weak links and slide off.

Consult Your Stylist

If you are unsure consult your hairstylist or the extension technician. They can make individualized recommendations on the kind of extensions you need, according to your hair type, lifestyle, and the brand you have already. Your hairstylist can be your guide in taking your extensions off before going to bed to make sure they are kept in the best possible condition.

Listen to Your Hair

Eventually, it turns out that your hair is the wisest. Notice whether your extensions feel right and look right after you sleep with them in. When you feel the increased knotting, irritation, and hair breakage, this could be a sign that sleeping with extensions is not your thing.


Whether to wear hair extensions asleep depends on a set of circumstances, including the type of extension, your sleeping patterns, and how you maintain them. However, it is better to give them some rest overnight. This is because the main aim is to protect the health and life span of your natural hair and extensions. You can take the time to ponder over the pros and cons and discuss with your stylist so that you end up making an informed decision that ensures your hair is always looking great whether it’s by day or night.


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