Advantages of PDADMAC over Conventional Coagulants


Coagulants are the chemicals or compounds that coagulate/flocks water contaminants that are easy to remove through filtration as the waste, and contaminated water consists of a wide range of elements from small to large, charged to neutral, toxic and non-toxic along with microorganisms, it’s impossible to remove such things with simple filtration.

However, innovative filtration methods require heavy investments and application time. So, water management research labs are always in search of easy methods that are applicable on a large scale.

Coagulants are such compounds that you just add in water in a specific amount, and they collect the small particles together, making the filtration easier for you. There are different types of these coagulants that can be used in water treatment, but the most recent one is PDADMAC.

PDADMAC has been used in the industrial wastewater treatment process for many years, but still, conventional coagulants are still being used in many places. Poly DADMAC is a polymer that is isolated from natural resources and also prepared in labs.

In this article, we will discuss how PDMDAAC is better than all those conventional coagulants!

1. Better Dispersion

PDADMAC has a molecular weight of <10,000 and a molecular weight ratio of>100. The reason for this is that PDADMAC contains a large number of hydrophilic monomers and small quantities of hydrophobic monomers. The high molecular weight ratio results that are more hydrophobic groups in the polymer chain than in conventional coagulants, which results in better dispersion.

2. Less Charge and Lower Dosage of Polymer Used

Another advantage of PDADMAC is that it requires fewer polymers to achieve the same results as other coagulants, which can result in less turbidity effluent water. Although PDADMAC is more expensive than other coagulants, its low amount of usage covers its cost.

3. Low Turbidity Effluent Water

The PDADMAC treatment results in low turbidity of water than any other coagulant. The turbidity usually depends on the water quality and amount of contaminants, but a coagulant can flock these elements that, make it easier to filter the water.

So, the PDADMAC reduces the water turbidity to a noticeable level that eliminates the need for expensive repairs and maintenance costs of filter systems.

4. No Sludge Formation

PDADMAC has a large molecular weight, which prevents the formation of sludge. Conventional coagulants such as polyacrylamide and vinyl alcohol have low molecular weight and are unable to bind efficiently with proteins, thus resulting in poor protein adsorption and, ultimately, sludge formation.

5. Low Dosage of Flocculent

The PDADMAC is an effective flocculent used to dewater sludge with ease. This compound is used in minor concentrations to clean the water because of its effectiveness. Although the compound is expensive, its low concentration creates a cost balance than conventional coagulants.

This compound is also easy to degrade, which makes it eco-friendly. So, if you are also looking for a chemical, PDADMAC is an ideal option in every way than conventional coagulants.


PDADMAC is a natural polymer derived from renewable resources that can be used in water treatment plants. It has been verified to work better than conventional coagulants because of its low molecular weight and high molecular weight ratio. PDADMAC is also less expensive than other types of flocculants and has no adverse effects on the environment.


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