Vault Markets Review – Overview of Minimum Deposit and Limited Leverage


If you’re a currency exchange beginner, you might be wondering how to get started trading with vault markets. The company’s website is not very informative, but its iOS app is a good place to start. This app gives you access to different categories, currencies, and devices. The Vault app allows you to track market activity every hour, as well as by top keywords. You can also see how much each trade is worth and what percentage of your account balance is in risk. The best part about this software is that you can slice it by country and date range to analyze market trends.

Minimum Deposit

When you open a vault markets account, you can fund it with a minimum deposit of $500. You can also deposit ZAR, EUR, or USD using your credit card. However, bank transfers and credit card payments do not come without fees. For debit cards, the fee is $0.11; for credit cards, you pay 2.3%. The minimum amount to deposit is $500. This means that the minimum deposit is low, so that you can maximize your earning potential.

While vault markets does not have a minimum deposit requirement, it is recommended that you deposit at least $500 in order to maximize your earning potential. While funding your account with USD and ZAR will require a wire transfer, you can use your credit card if you want to deposit ZAR or EUR. Neither method will charge you a fee, but credit card payments will cost you an additional 2.3%. These fees are only small compared to the other methods, so it is essential to understand the details of these payment options before choosing a brokerage.

Mobile Application And Web Portal

The vault markets mobile application and web portal give you access to all of the latest trading technology, with fast withdrawals. The only downsides to the platform are that it does not provide any research and education. However, it is a good option for those who are new to trading and do not have a lot of time to devote to learning the basics of currency exchange. You can also use the app for mobile devices. The vault markets mobile app is also available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone users.

Limited Leverage

In addition to offering a mobile application, vault markets also provides a web portal and offers a variety of innovative solutions for retail and institutional traders. Its trading platform is easy to use and allows you to use limited leverage. It also provides a free demo account to try out its trading platform before investing with real money. In addition to these, vault markets offers a referral bonus for new traders. It is a good choice for those new to currency exchange.

While the platform is a great place to start trading, it’s important to be aware of the risks. When using leveraged accounts, it is important to ensure that you maintain a sufficient margin level. Increasing the leverage of your trading account can increase the possibility of substantial losses, so you should always ensure that you can afford to sustain the losses associated with it. When using a forex broker, it is important to know all of the risks involved.


Vault Markets offers an array of account types, so you can choose based on the type of currency you want to trade with. You can choose between a forex account and a standard trading platform. The spreads, commissions, and minimum deposits vary depending on your country, but all of the features are similar. You can monitor market activity and profitability of your account using the vault markets app. You can even see which keywords are the most popular by country and device.

Vault Markets offers various types of trading accounts, including leveraged accounts. This can be beneficial or disadvantageous. The more leveraged your account is, the more risky it is. Be sure to understand these risks before you trade with leveraged accounts. A good way to avoid them is to find a broker who offers the highest leveraged account. There are many advantages to this service, but it’s important to remember that there is also a downside.


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