7 Reasons to Buy Vulcanus 26″ E-bike


Troxus Mobility has launched several attractive e-bikes in the market, so it isn’t surprising that the Vulcanus 26″ E-bike is also as stunning. But the looks of this all-terrain, fat-tire electric bike is just one reason to buy it. Here are seven others:

  1. Powerful motor designed for all-terrain rides.

If you’re planning to explore terrains of all kinds, from snow to sand, mud, or hills, the Vulcanus ensures you keep going no matter the terrain beneath it. This is thanks to the brushless hub motor that powers up with 750 watts and produces 80 Nm of torque.

With the classic Shimano seven-speed shift system, riding efficiency is maintained even under different riding conditions. What could be the main drawback of an e-bike like this is that you’d want to challenge its performance capacity – it’s just too tempting not to ride faster with such a powerful motor.

  1. Samsung battery allows long-distance rides.

The Samsung 48v battery provides a range of up to 60 (or more) miles.

If you plan to ride longer distances, it’s easy to replace. This Samsung battery is removable and replaceable by a second kit (for an extra fee, of course). It’s always better to have one ready, instead of waiting to charge your one and only battery pack once you get home.

Once you have a plug or USB port available, simply charge the low-batt pack and wait for reuse the next day.

  1. Reliable safety system and built-in lights.

Troxus Vulcanus was designed for pure, heavy-duty biking. There’s a safety system you can rely on – from its high-strength hydraulic suspension front fork to the dual hydraulic disc brake system, you’re in control of your e-bike no matter the terrain you’re on.

Unlike other e-bikes that come without lights, the Vulcanus has integrated lights – located at the front and rear – so you’re safe from both sides of the road.

  1. You are in control of the Vulcanus.

With an adjustable suspension fork, you can feel an improvement in your ride whenever you switch from flat roads to rough terrain, or when you climb hills to your destination.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that your legs wouldn’t feel the pull, since the e-bike will be hauling you up double-time instead.

  1. Puncture-resistant tires.

The tires are probably one of the earliest parts to get damaged, since they’re directly being beaten by the elements. But because the Troxus Vulcanus is made with strong, anti-puncture Kenda fat tires, you can expect them to last longer.

Aside from being somewhat indestructible, these all-terrain tires are also responsible for less (or zero) road noise), and improved stability or traction whenever you ride in less ideal conditions.

  1. Smart Display and controls for tech-loving riders.

If you’re a visual rider and love your technology front and center, you’ll love the Vulcanus. It has an LCD display that lights up to show your speed, trip distance, battery, and assistance level.

Troxus also designed the Vulcanus to be easily controlled using five different riding modes with just a push of a button.

  1. Strong enough for heavy cargo.

Many Vulcanus riders bought this electric bike specifically because it is strong enough to haul big racks around. I’d use this for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities that could otherwise leave dirt or smell inside vehicles.

Troxus is a trusted brand, so you’re sure that the materials used with every e-bike aren’t flimsy. The frame of Vulcanus 26″ E-bike, for example, uses an aircraft-grade, aluminum alloy that has been repeatedly tested to ensure it could handle heavy weights and intense pressure.


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