A Review of Love Me, Hate Me Novel


One year down the line, Elenora married Quentin, without her consent only in the love me or hate me novel.  Their marriage only lasted a year and she was forced to seek a divorce. She knew she had to pay for her father’s sin with her body. Well, now after the divorce she thought she will be free and start a new life. Unfortunately, she was quite wrong.

Forced Marriage

During the marriage, Eleonora came to accept Quentin’s behavior. Whenever he wanted to make love to her, he always had his way. That is because he was on a revenge mission. He did not care whether she was ready for it or not. She hoped that he will dispel the hatred over time.

Quentin was also a drunkard. After making love, he will leave her there and head to the bathroom. At one time, he took a newspaper that Eleonora was reading. The newspaper had his affairs printed on the first page. For many months, Eleonora kept hiding such strange things from him. She did not want Quentin to be aware that she knew everything about his affairs.


All the time Eleonora was quite indifferent. This kept hurting Quentin. He kept wondering why she never raised her voice at her. He knew she was hypocritical and cursed it out of her. Quentin likened her hypocrisy to that of the Balton family. Even when Eleonora started crying, he still felt these were hypocritical tears.


When Eleonora asked to be left alone, he thought she was asking for freedom. He pushed her to the ground and she was hurt by the broken porcelain and blood started flowing out. Eleonora was used to these kinds of torture. After all, she was married to endure the pain. Also, she had to obey everything Quentin wanted unconditionally.

Property Sharing

Like any divorce, the property is shared between the couple. Their property had been notarized before marriage. Whatever the Lance family had belonged to the pre-marital family. She knew if she got out of this marriage, she had to go with nothing and she was ready for it. However, Quentin wanted to leave the mansion to her but she refused. According to her, she was better with nothing as long as she was not being tortured.

According to Quentin, she was just a tool and puppet for venting out his anger. For the whole year, his mental and physical torture was a nightmare. All the days, Eleonora has been praying to end the marriage and when Quentin mentioned divorce, she relaxed knowing it is what she wanted.


Love Me, Hate Me is an amazing romance story with several characters and chapters to keep you hooked. The story brings two different families, the Balton family, and the Lance family. Although the story depicts Quentin as an alien, with time he develops a love for Eleonora. Start reading this novel and keep enjoying it. It has more in store than you can imagine. Simply, if you are looking for a romantic novel to read, you cannot miss this masterpiece.


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